1. North Scituate

2. Country Way (Old Boston Post Road)

3. Hunter’s Pond

4. Mordecai Lincoln’s Mill

5. Hollet Island Park

6. Mushquashcut Pond

7. Timothy Hatherly

8. North Scituate Beach

9. The Irish Riviera

10. Site of the Cliff Hotel

11. Elephant Rock (Well Rock, the Hazards, Bar Rock )

12. Minot’s Ledge and Minot Light

13.The Glades

14. Bailey’s Causeway

15. Hatherly Country Club

Begin this approximately 3.5 mile journey in North Scituate. You can park in the public lot across from Nor’easter Surf Shop on 376 Gannett Rd. Take a left out of the lot towards the RR intersection and take a right at the lights onto Country Way. Next, take a right onto Mordecai Lincoln Road. This is a quiet, historic neighborhood with sidewalks and striped lanes for safe strolling or biking. It's about a 0.7 mile loop that brings you back out to Gannett Road. Cross the street and go left onto the multi-use trail that will take you along Gannett Rd. about 2 miles to Minot. You’ll know when you’re there when one more peddle has you in the Atlantic Ocean. Take a left onto Glades Road along North Scituate Beach, another left onto Bailey’s Causeway and another left onto Hatherly Road where you’ll meet up again with Gannett Road at the lights. Park your bike and enjoy the beach.

The Scituate Historic Trails project formed from a partnership between Scituate Historical Society, People for Active Transportation & Health (PATH), and Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary to create and promote walking paths and bike routes connecting historical sites, beaches, downtown businesses and other fun places to relax, learn, eat and enjoy Scituate, a charming New England seaside town founded in 1636. Scituate is a coastal town located 25 miles south of Boston with nearly 17 square miles of history and centuries old character to be enjoyed on foot, on a bicycle or from a boat! From out of town? Hop on the Greenbush Train from South Station with your bike and enjoy a healthy, historical adventure to Scituate Massachusetts.