Take a walk in a piece of the Bates Lane Conservation Forest lovingly preserved by the Maxwell Conservation Trust with the support of Scituate voters. Parking areas are in process at strategic locations across the 400+ acres of conservation land, until they're completed, park at the Mount Hope Improvement Society Building and cross the Street.


1. The Litchfields

2. Certified Vernal Pool

3.  Free Love Pasture

4.  Luther’s Pit

5.  The West End Indians Jalopy

6.  The Bates Lane ’T’

7.  Maxwell

8.  Teepee Rock

9.  The Piggery

10. The Stream

11. The Wheelwright Preserve

12. The Bridge

13. The Go-Cart Track at the T field

14. Esther Bates and her Buggy

15. Carl Pipes

  1. 16.Geocache

  2. 17. The Bird Sanctuary

  3. 18.Roger’s Beagles

The Scituate Historic Trails project formed from a partnership between Scituate Historical Society, People for Active Transportation & Health (PATH), and Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary to create and promote walking paths and bike routes connecting historical sites, beaches, downtown businesses and other fun places to relax, learn, eat and enjoy Scituate, a charming New England seaside town founded in 1636. Scituate is a coastal town located 25 miles south of Boston with nearly 17 square miles of history and centuries old character to be enjoyed on foot, on a bicycle or from a boat! From out of town? Hop on the Greenbush Train from South Station with your bike and enjoy a healthy, historical adventure to Scituate Massachusetts.